1. Thievery and Prophet Muhammad

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Thievery and Prophet Muhammad

(including excerpts from :Left Shoe News")

4 March '95 Release 6 Barbarities in Somalia and Iraq

A recent clip from ABC TV showed a severed hand on a footpath in Mogadishu. Warlord Mohamed Farah Aideed had ordered that it stay there as a warning to thieves. Further, a second offence means the amputation of a foot.

Mutilations have been taking place in Iraq. Ali Ubaid Abed Ali was convicted of stealing a TV set and was operated on without anaesthetic. He was shown on Iraqi TV with a bandaged stump, his right hand on a sheet. He was also branded on the forehead with a deep X. Hundreds of army deserters have had all or part of an ear amputated and many have been branded as well. Six young men in a detention centre had their eyes gouged out before being killed.

It is difficult to criticize these barbarities as they are in accordance with Shariah, Islamic punishment. (Amputation Qur'an 5:33 and 5:38, Branding foreheads Qur'an 9:35, Eye-gouging Hadith Muslim 669).

1/10/97 More Amputations by Taleban

An Islamic court in Uruzgan, central Afghanistan, found two men guilty of looting a truck. On Wednesday, the Taleban militia amputated their right hands and left legs. Amputation is in accordance with the Qur'an :"As to the thief male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from Allah for their crime." (5:38) However, by Sunnah the left leg should only be cut off for a second offence. We consider that amputations are a form of torture, although Islam denies it practises torture.

20/8/98 Amputations in Iraq

The Islamic practice of cutting off the right hand for theft has been revived in Iraq. Odai Hussein, son of Saddam, ordered amputations for 6 members of the elite commando unit, Fedayeen Saddam for robbing the general public.

We consider amputation a barbaric practice, a terrible violation of the integrity of the person, a form of torture.

27/2/98 Public Flogging and Amputations in Afghanistan

Thirty thousand spectators at the Kabul sports stadium watched while a teen-age girl received a hundred lashes for walking with a non-related male.

Two men, Hamidullah and Habibullah had their right hands amputated by the Taleban for stealing from a shop.

16/6/99 Repression Rife in Middle East

Conflict, repression, violent punishment and human rights abuses were rife in the Middle East last year says Amnesty International.

In Egypt, prisoners were subjected to electric shocks, beatings, suspension by the wrists and burning with cigarettes. Psychological torture included death threats and threats of sexual abuse. The death in Palestinian custody of three detainees and Israel's use of physical pressure on Palestinians were other examples. Iran continues to use flogging and stoning and tortured detainees to obtain confessions. Bahrain also used torture, while Oman and the United Arab Emirates carried out floggings and amputations.

21/5/99 Whippings, Amputations in Taliban Afghanistan

The Kabul Sports Stadium is the venue for public torture under Shariah (Islamic law) each Friday. A young man was given 100 lashes for adultery while his partner was jailed.

Four young men, Mohammed Tahir, Mohammed Gul, Mohammed Naseem and Bari Elah had their right hands cut off for theft. HRAIC condemns such barbaric practices.

The Hadith ---sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad

 Hadith Malik 497:1541 The Prophet ordered the cutting of the hand for the theft of a shield worth three dirhams.

 Hadith Malik 497:1542 The Prophet said: "The theft of fruit hanging from a tree or of a sheep straying on the hillside will not entail the cutting of a hand. When the sheep comes home or the fruit are picked and cut and they are stolen the hand will be cut off provided the price is 3 dirhams or more.

 Hadith Malik 499:1549 Safwan fell asleep in the mosque with a sheet of cloth under his head. A thief stole the sheet but Safwan woke up, caught him and took him to the Prophet. When Muhammad ordered his hand to be cut off Safwan relented and tried to say that he had given the thief the cloth. The Prophet said that it was now too late to rescind the decision.

 Hadith Malik 500:1551 A stranger from Yemen who already had his right hand and foot cut off stole a necklace at Medina. Abu Bakr (the first caliph) ordered his remaining hand cut off.

Bukhari 8:81:78 The Prophet said, "By Him in whose Hand my soul is! If Fatima (his daughter) stole aught I would cut off her hand."

Abu Dawud (38:4396) A thief was brought to the Prophet four times and his punishments were amputations of the right hand, the left foot, the left hand and then the right foot On the fifth occasion the Prophet had him killed "We then dragged him and cast him into a well and threw stones over him."

 Abu Dawud (38:4397) On another occasion, the Prophet ordered that the thief's hand be hung on his neck

But surely raiding caravans is theft?

Was Muhammad so imbued with old Arab customs that he did not see razzia, robbing caravans, as theft? A number of those he robbed were worth 100,000 dirhams and yet he would cut off a man's hand for the theft of 3 or 4 dirhams.

From "The Life of Muhammad"

The Emigrants had no regular source of income and so Muhammad decided to raid passing Meccan caravans; this was an old Arab custom. Moreover, by plundering the Meccans, he would be doing God's work.

In the month of Rajab AH 2 (January 624) a party of seven to twelve Muslims was sent out to observe a caravan. Instead they attacked it, killing one Meccan, capturing two and one escaping. This was the first life that Islam took in combat but certainly not the last. Muhammad was upset because Rajab was a month holy to Mecca and he refused to take his twenty percent share of the booty. However Gabriel revealed a sura to him wherein Allah approved, so Muhammad accepted his share.

From "Two Faces of Islam"

If the Sunnah are criticized, Muslim apologists try to explain that it all happened 1400 years ago. For example, razzia (raids on caravans -Muhammad organized 82 of these, leading 26 himself) were an old Arabian custom from the days of Jahiliyya. This may have been so but Muhammad is supposed to be, not a man of the seventh century, but the "seal" (last) of the prophets, perfect for all time to come.

And was not his confiscation of Jewish property theft?

 Bukhari 5:59:362 The Prophet killed the men of the Jewish tribe Bani Quraiza (some 600 to 800 of them) and distributed their women, children and property among the Muslims All the other Jews of Medina were exiled.

"And He made you heirs of their lands, their houses and their goods, and of a land which ye had not frequented before, And Allah has power over all things." (33:27)

and the Jews of Khaybar

The Prophet agreed to kill none of the Jews provided that they vacated Khaybar leaving all possessions behind. For concealing treasure two Jews, Kinana and his cousin were executed. Kinana's beautiftul seventeen year old widow, Saffiyah was attractive to Muhammad and he married her. "He was as twenty men."27

The whole of Khaybar became the property of Islam and Muhammad allowed some of the Jews to remain behind and pay a rent of half their farm produce. On the same terms, the Prophet became landlord of the Jewish settlements of Fadah and Wadi 1-Qura. Now that his tenants had handed over their weapons, the Prophet had to protect them from marauding Bedoums.

and non-Jews

The Hawazin had brought their families and property with them. The booty consisted of six thousand women and children, four thousand ounces of silver, twenty four thousand camels and perhaps forty thousand sheep and goats. The Prophet gave substantial presents to the rich Qurayshites who had not yet been cpnverted, as a recent Revelation had said that such people should be reconciled in the cause of Allah. (9:60)

Nor did Abu Dharr lose a hand

One of the first non-Meccans to be converted was Abu Dharr, of the Bani Ghifar, and returning to his tribe, he converted many of them. Moreover, he was a highwayman and, having robbed a caravan, he would offer to return the goods to those who accepted Islam.