1. Ransom and Prophet Muhammad

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Ransom and Prophet Muhammad

( + Kidnapping ---Excerpts from "Left Shoe News")

31/10/98 Kidnapped Priest Still Alive

Muslim renegades in Zamboanga province, southern Philippines are demanding 15 million pesos for the release of Father Lucio Benedetti who has been held captive for two months.

27/11/98 Two Hundred Bodies Found in Algerian Well

The GIA (Armed Islamic Group) is blamed for the deaths of 200 men, women and children of families which support the military-backed government. They had been kidnapped in the area 12 miles south-west of Algiers before being executed.

19/7/98 Kidnapper Killed in Southern Philippines

Sunday near Marawi. Three kidnap victims seized the gun from a Muslim separatist guerilla, shot him, wounded another and escaped.

30/10/97 Islamists Still Active in the Philippines

Former rebels of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front have kidnapped Roman Catholic priest Desmond Hartford from the town of Kolambugan, Mindinao, behaviour reminiscent of the past 25 years of discord and murder. The MILF signed a cease-fire with the government in July but they acted because it had not kept its pledges for funds, welfare and projects promised in its amnesty program.

23/12/97 Lawlessness in Chechnya

Five young men working for a Polish aid society were kidnapped on Dec 17 about 30 km from Grozny in the Chechen Islamic Republic. Their Chechen companions refused to give details saying that they had sworn on the Qur'an to say nothing.

A number of Russian Christian missionaries who were foolhardy enough to attempt to proselytise the Chechens have also been abducted as have some British aid workers.

29/6/99 US Missionary Free in Chechnya

Herbert Gregg, 51, who taught English for the Evangelical Alliance Mission has been freed from Chechnya with the help of the Russian Interior Ministry. He had been abducted last November and systematically beaten and tortured by his captors and his right index finger cut off.

Russian officials deny paying ransom. They estimate that 70 professional gangs abduct hundreds of people each year. At least 24 foreigners are believed to be among the 560 people listed as kidnapped. Many are feared to have been murdered. Last December, the severed heads of four engineers who worked for a British telecommunications firm were found along a highway. A four year-old Russian girl was re-united with her mother last week after eight months of starvation and beatings at the hands of her kidnappers.

17/5/99 Armed gangs and lawlessness continue to plague Chechnya. Kidnappings for ransom are common. The Red Cross has suspended operations in the Northern Caucasus after the kidnapping of its worker, New Zealander Geraldo Riberio.

Ransom is an Islamic custom: Prophet Muhammad ransomed many Meccan prisoners of war and thousands of Jewish women and children after he had beheaded the menfolk.

20/3/99 Three women kidnapped by GIA at a roadblock in Ain Defla, 130 km SW of Algiers, were later found dead with their throats cut.

17/3/99 Killings in Yemen

Five members of the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army are on trial for the kidnapping of 16 Western tourists in December.Three Britons and one Australian were killed. Islamist Zein al-Abidou al-Mehder said: "I would carry my arms again against the enemies of God." Mehder said he had been in contact with London-based Abu Hamza al-Masri of the "Supporters of Shariah" group who has since been arrested under the British "Prevention of Terrorism" Act.

28/9/99 Muslim Rebels Kidnap Four Year-old in Southern Philippines

Wilmarie Furigay, four year-old granddaughter of a former mayor of Lamitan, was kidnapped a fortnight ago by a group of MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) rebels.

Fourteen guerillas and two soldiers were killed in an effort to rescue her. Sharriff Julabbi, a leader of the MILF in the hinterlands of Tipo-Tipo, Basilan province said, "our camps will be the graveyards of Christian soldiers if they continue to intrude into our territories."

27/8/99 Six or seven people, including 4 Japanese geologists have been taken hostage by Uzbek Islamic guerillas holed up in southern Kyrgyzstan. A thousand gunmen, thought to be supporters of Dzhuma Namangani want to establish an Islamic government in Uzbekistan. Krrgyzstan, an impoverished Central Asian state of about 5 million with a small and poorly equipped army has appealed to Moscow for military equipment that would help soldiers operate at night in remote mountainous regions.

21/11/99 Engineer Kidnapped in Southern Philippines

Muslim rebel group Abu Sayyaf have kidnapped for ransom engineer Robustiano Hablo Jr. in Sulu province, 900 km S of Manila.

30/10/99 GIA Killings Continue in Algeria

Guerrillas from the GIA (Armed Islamic Group) attacked Tadjemat hamlet, 330 km S of Algiers and slit the throats of 12 people. They also kidnapped 2 girls.

21/10/99 GIA rebels slashed the throats of six shepherds and kidnapped three others and their flock. Three peasants were seriously injured by a bomb planted in a farm in Tipaza province, 70 km West of Algiers.

 Bukhari 5:59:459 After the battle of Banu AI-Mustaliq the warriors wished to do coitus interruptus with the women captives, butthe Prophet wanted them ransomed. He said, It is better for you not to go into them, for if any soul is pre-destined to exist, it will exist"

The Battle of Uhud

They ransomed one prisoner for the sum of 1600 dirhams but the other elected to remain and became a Muslim.

God did not make this order retrospective and great was the ransom that the Muslims obtained. In addition they scored one hundred and fifty camels, ten horses and a quantity of arms and armour. In the meantime the prisoners were secured with their wrists tied to their necks.

Allah, however, was not pleased that many of Muhammad's men fought with the spoils of war mainly in their minds and He said: "You have sought ransoms and worldly goods, but Allah wants the next world." meaning that they should kill rather to spread his religion, which is the path to the next world."23

The Bani Qaynuka

The women, children and property were divided amongst those who had taken part in the siege. The Bani Nadir ransomed many of their kin but Muhammad kept for himself, as concubine, a beautiful Jewess named Rayhanah.