1. Music and Prophet Muhammad

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According to Quran and Sunnah

The Noble Qur'an - Luqman 31:6

And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks (i.e. music, singing, etc.) to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah without knowledge, and takes it (the Path of Allah, the Verses of the Qur'an) by way of mockery.  For such there will be a humiliating torment (in the Hell-Fire).

Hadith - Bukhari (#787)  [Also related by Tabari]

Sa'id ibn Jbayr reported that Ibn 'Abbas said about the verse:  "And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks" (31:6), that, "ldle talks means singing and the like."

The Noble Qur'an - Al-Isra 17:64

"And Istafiz [literally means: befool them gradually] those whom you can among them with your voice (i.e. songs, music, and other call for Allah's disobedience)..."

Hadith - Bukhari 7:494

Narrated Abu 'Amir or Abu Malik Al-Ash'ari that he heard the Prophet saaws saying,

"From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks, and the use of musical instruments as lawful.  And (from them), there will be some who will stay near the side of a mountain, and in the evening their shepherd will come to them with their sheep and ask them for something, but they will say to him, 'Return to us tomorrow.' Allah will destroy them during the night and will let the mountain fall on them, and Allah will transform the rest of them into monkeys and pigs and they will remain so till the Day of Resurrection."

The Noble Qur'an - An-Najm 53:57-62

The Day of Resurrection draws near, None besides Allah can avert it, (or advance it, or delay it).  Do you then wonder at this recital (the Qur'an)?  And you laugh at it and weep not, Wasting your (precious) lifetime in pastime and amusements (singing, etc.).  So fall you down in prostration to Allah, and worship Him (Alone).


Hadees-e-Qudsi (19:5) The Prophet said that Allah commanded him to destroy all the musical instruments, idols, crosses and all the trappings of ignorance. Allah said that if a man took even a mouthful of wine, He would make him drink the same quantity of pus of the wounds of the people in Hell. (Added)

 Hadees-e-Qudsi 28:14 (Wailami) The Prophet said that Allah, on the Day of Judgment, will favor those who kept away from the devil's music.(Added)


Action Items for the Muttaqun:

Get rid of those Michael Jackson CD's

Spend your valuable time studying Qur'an, learning to perfect your salah, engaged in ibadah, spreading dawah.

Remember... Allah, subhana watala, sees everything we do!


6/6/00 Islamic state bans karaoke

An opposition Islamic party controlling a Malaysian state has banned discos and karaoke sessions, an official said on Tuesday.
Traditional Malay dance also fell under the ban by the Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS) which rules the north-eastern state of Terengganu.
A PAS official denied a report by a local daily newspaper, The Star, saying that all forms of entertainment had been banned.
"What we don't allow is karaoke and floor shows at nightclubs," said Wan Abdul Muttalib, a state councillor in charge of local government, housing and environment.

He said such entertainment could "lead to an increase in vice".
Some concerts, fashion shows and dance performances would be allowed in hotels "as long as the participants do not overly expose their bodies", he added.
Speaking on the ban on Mak Yong, a traditional Malay dance-drama usually performed by women, he said: "We don't allow [it] because the dresses of the female dancers are revealing."
Tourism concern
Wan Abdul said district councils - which issue entertainment licenses to hotels, clubs and private premises - had been urged to be flexible but cautious.
"They have to observe whether the performances are within the limits allowed by Islam," he said.

He denied the move would hit tourism, saying the state's scenic beauty, beaches and marine life would continue to draw tourists.
Some of Malaysia's most beautiful coral-rich islands are part of the state.
PAS won control of the state from prime minister Mahathir Mohamad's federal government in the general election last year. It also tripled its seats in parliament.
The party benefited from the discontent with the federal government, fuelled by the jailing of former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim.
PAS has held control since 1990 of neighbouring Kelantan state, where it has tried to enforce strict Islamic laws, with women required to follow a dress code and the sale of alcohol curbed.
Kelantan's supermarkets also have separate queues for men and women.
The Terengganu state government announced in March that Muslim women would have to cover their heads. Civic and women's rights groups protested against the move.
The state government has also authorised only eight outlets in the whole state to sell alcohol to the local Chinese community and tourists.