1. Chess and Prophet Muhammad

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Chess and Prophet Muhammad

Not only did Prophet Muhammad include chess among "games of chance" but he found early in the piece that chess players wished to continue their game rather than go to prayers.


Muslim 946 The Prophet said: "He who played chess is like one who dyed his hand with the flesh and blood of swine."

 Hadith Malik 554:1725-7 The Prophet said that he who played chess disobeyed Allah and His Messenger.

A'isha considered chess evil. Umar would beat people playing chess and break the pieces. Malik said that playing chess is repugnant.

In March 1985, Islamic Jihad abducted American journalist Terry Anderson. This was ironic as his objective reporting was often unfavourable to the Israelis and to the Christians. For two weeks he lay alone in the darkness, chained to a dank wall. To pass the time he made a chess set out of aluminium foil but it was taken away by his captors. Guards beat him and often threatened to kill him. Food was a sparing quantity of bread, cheese and tea. Once he was so frustrated that he banged his head on the wall until it bled.